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Welcome to BrainBody from CEO, Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Hello! I founded BrainBody with over 25 years of experience in Neuroscience research as a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at NYU.  

What is BrainBody?

BrainBody is a B2B business that quantifies exercise-enhanced brain functions using a powerful cognitive analytics platform. We provide individualized, optimized exercise plans that maximizes how your brain works today and optimally protects your brain from aging and neurodegenerative disease states in the future. 

Why should you care?

Every 65 second in our country, someone new is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. And there are currently not a single effective drug to treat this disease on the market. Instead, our best hope to address this epidemic is physical activity.  

The science behind how exercise transforms your brain

If you watched my 2018 TED talk, you will know that physical exercise, that is, simply moving your body is the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today.  Why?   Because provides enhancing brain effects that are immediate, long-lasting and ultimately protective.  

Immediate effects:  Even a single workout increase a range of neurochemicals and metabolic pathways in the brain that result in immediately improvements in mood, focus and reaction time. 

Long-term effects:  By exercising regularly, your brain gets a regular boost of those exercise-induced neurochemicals including key growth factors.  It’s those growth factors that are key in not only growing brand new brain cells in the key brain area critical for forming all our new long-term memories called the hippocampus, but helping to grow new synapses in a brain area critical for focus and decision making, the prefrontal cortex.  In this way, exercise strengthens and improves both the structure and function of both these core brain areas. 

Protective effects:  The hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex are the two brain areas most susceptible to aging and dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease.  In this way regular physical activity will literally strengthen these brain areas over your lifetime that can help you stave off dementia. 

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