What is BrainBody?
BrainBody is a B2B business that quantifies exercise-enhanced brain functions using a powerful cognitive analytics platform. We provide individualized, optimized exercise plans that maximizes how your brain works today and optimally protects your brain from aging and neurodegenerative disease states in the future.

How does it work?

Your clients take a short, fun set of computerized cognitive and mood assessments before and after exercise.
BrainBody provides immediate feedback on how much brain functions improved after any exercise session.
Based on the immediate brain responses to exercise, machine learning algorithms predict the optimal exercise prescription to maximally protect the brain from aging and neurodegenerative disease states.

Why should you care?
Every 65 second in our country, someone new is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. And there are currently not a single effective drug to treat this disease on the market. Instead, our best hope to address this epidemic is physical activity.

The science behind how exercise transforms your brain
If you watched my 2018 TED talk (link to TED talk here), you will know that physical exercise, that is, simply moving your body is the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today. Why? Because provides enhancing brain effects that are immediate, long-lasting and ultimately protective.